Monday, July 16, 2012


Alrighty, this list is quite impressive. I agree with everything on here. 


I'm not gonna lie, I'm totally gonna buy TS4 if it comes out...but here's what I'd love to see, although, I'm not gonna hold my breath...

- weather in the base game

- more facial/body sliders as standard...basically what jonha, delphy, and awt have been doing.

- height sliders. I know the reason why they haven't put in a height slider, is because it was too hard to do all the animations between the different heights....but what if they just had 3 set heights for teens through elders. Like short, average, and tall. And some of them would overlap, so they wouldn't really be doing THAT many different a short teen would be as tall as a child, whereas a tall teen would be the same height as an average adult, and a short adult would be the same height as an average teen, and so on...

- moving hair/clothes

- growing set stages, of course, so it won't overload the computer...and the ability to turn it off.

- hair length sliders...again, in set stages....from completely bald to ankle length hair.

- the ability to tuck/untuck shirts...or have two versions of every shirt...

- more/better clothes for guys...I mean, wtf EA...and what's with all the high-rise pants and the short shirts...

- the ability to roll up pants/sleeves

- tattoo placement like pet fur designs in TS3

- ability to delete CC in-game

- more interactions with babies

- more stuff for kids and teens to do...generations didn't really help...seriously, they're still boring...

- better routing

- the ability for sims to move stuff out of their own way

- the ability to adjust jealousy/privacy...I know you can already turn jealousy off, but I want different levels, not just on/off. Same with privacy, like family members and really good friends can go into the bathroom while you're peeing/showering, but others can't, or everyone can go into the bathroom (exhibitionists. lol)

- have different difficulty super easy, where the bills aren't very much and it's easy to progress through jobs (kinda like it is now. lol), all the way up to insane, where it's more like real life and it takes way longer and is more difficult to get promoted, and your bills take up most of your weekly salary.

- have jobs pay once a week or twice a month

- have months/ have actual names for the months...

- have the ability to have our sims live in different time periods (possible EP)

- natural disasters

- the ability to swim in lakes/oceans

- working/usable/livable boats...I want real pirates, dammit! lol

- zodiac signs that actually mean something

- better genetics

- have a colour wheel for skintones...they have one for everthing else!

- no rabbitholes...I love the ambitions careers...

- have animals in an EP, and not the base game...I actually like the current EP. Yay horses! But I want farm animals too...ones that you can actually interact with/benefit from (milk, eggs, etc.). This way, the people that want animals in their game can have them, and the people that don't, don't have to get it.

- have all the supernatural stuff in one EP...magic, aliens, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, unicorns, elves, faeries, plant sims, etc...again, this way people that want all of that stuff can have it, and the people that don't, don't have to. Or, if they do put one in each EP, then at least have the ability to turn it off....seriously, all my sims' friends were vampires by the time they were adults...

- have a bodyshop type program that's more in-depth than the one for TS2...maybe like a mix of all the programs modders have made so far...and also make it easier to make CC.

- have the ability to turn pretty much every aspect of the game on/off.

Monday, July 9, 2012

-Marie Antoinette-

Hi. I prepared a speech too. ^_^


Personally, I played Sims 1 briefly, but hated it. :P I was also like 11 when it came out, so I couldn't have been that into it anyway. But when Sims 2 came out, I thought I would give it a try, and LOVED it so much! ♥ I have since lost all of my game discs, and am not going to buy new ones, but I would love to play it again. I played without CC for as long as it was out. O.o Dear Lawd, I don't know how I did it lol. I think the Sims 3 could be so much better if it weren't for the bugs and glitches. When the Sims franchise changed hands from Maxis, to EA, I think it all went tits up. It is not that hard to fix something glitchy, or buggy, if you know how to do it. I'm sure there are so many Americans out there that would love a job with a computer company, but can't because the current seats are filled up with the fat-cat money makers. Back when the Sims was an "idea" or a "concept" and the producers wanted to see their idea through, and watch it grow, things were great. Nowadays, EA does whatever they think would earn them money. Now, don't get me wrong, capitalism is not bad. But it is only acceptable when you make money off things people want to buy. Selling crap to thousands and thousands of people make you pretty damn wealthy, but it will leave the person who actually bought the game feeling like a sad sap, because he got ripped off. Yet, he continues to buy into the madness, no matter how much he tells himself not to, because he enjoys, like we all should.

So with all the buzz about Sims 4, sure let them go ahead and start making their game. Let them make their money. Let them sit on their fat arses, happily plumped up with our hard earned money. But let them not take the one thing the community might still have: character. The people and members of the community are (mostly) among the nicest I've ever met. Hell, they sure do beat real life people lol. But they cannot EVER take that away from us. And whenever things start to get all messed up, just remember, we make the community. Not them.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


So this is a lovely speech written by FREEDOM_55 over at CStyles. Enjoy!


Sims 3 has really ruined the Sims franchise name, reputation and credibility. I think if the sims 4 was coming out I would only purchase it if maxis produced it and Will Wright was the head developer.

Its eminent the sims 4 is coming. That's why I only bought the base game. it was clear after the update bugs and the ea store. all they care about is money. I feel like it’s a rat race with the sims 3. Alot things should have been the base game. Not an excuse to add those elements in expansion and stuff packs for more money. Plus the amount of bugs that comes with each expansion is the most in game history. That really shows they are not really focusing on putting quality before their release, everything is rushed and it’s like they don’t care.

Definitely not the noteriority the Maxis Company was known for. Yes there was eps in the sims and sims 2 but that was based on advancements they didn’t make or fixed before.I could honestly be just happily entertained with the base game of both instalments of the sims and sism 2 franchise. When you got expansions there was a VERY short list of things that was vital and not included on the base game I wil only things that were in eps in the base game. which is always the case.

Gameplay-The sims 3 was a good idea. But ideas are nothing if not implemented properly.The customization idea was awesome but game play was completely de-emphasized and thrown out the window. I didn’t create for the sims 2 because I didn’t need to , I was way too enthralled in the game .Now I create because that’s the only interesting thing to do in game. I don’t even play anymore.Wright knew what people wanted and had a distinct creative vision that added spark and interest to his games. The game shouldn't be mod dependent, to make it actually worth playing. Also in lot aspects the sims 2 gameplay was way better, like genetics for example. And they completely ignored storylines of prominent Sims characters and simeology. They could even follow through with the most basic of things.

Tools-Aside from the limitation of the game, At least give us proper tools to create custom content! Bring back body shop! It’s very unmotivating.

Lets use skin tones for example:When the sims 3 came out, I thought at least graphics wise would be on the level of Daz 3d .It wasn’t so I was like fine I’ll make my own skintone no problem. Well I was tragically mistaken .I thought at least it would have the same capabilities of the sims 2. This is it. Its impossible to create skins that are hi- def or more detailed like the sims 2 because they would turn out dirty as seen with face masks. The game is simply not capable. So what’s the point of modifying something that has definite limitations?

I understand not everyone likes realism and many ppl love the cartoon aspect to the sims. But at least give us the tools and options to do so. Daz 3dthe customization options are truly endless. It gives you option of creating pixar cartoonish characters to complete surrealism where you you can’t tell the difference between the 3d model on your screen and reality itself. The same goes for worlds and such. Why not offer this advanced tool separate like body shop if you are worried about space and usability? A I know this type of customization is scary but at the same time it’s really exciting. That’s what “advancements” should look like, they should be ground breaking not slight.

The sims 3 was suppose to be a vast advancement but its took several steps backwards from its processor. This makes no sense. No wonder Will wright never supported the sim 3 from the beginning.

Friday, June 29, 2012


This is a speech written by Simlicious. Comments and questions are appreciated. :)
I have been playing the Sims since the original game came out (approx. since the year 2000) and I have seen the  community take many twists and turns.

Right now, I think a very big concern is the creator’s rights. There are a lot of creative people out there that create sims, clothes, objects, genetics mods, tools, sims, stories, machinima and a lot more. They all put themselves out there and spend their time and energy to share their work with the community.
Unfortunately, I often get the feeling that many people take this for granted/do not take time to appreciate this.

Not only do a lot of people request stuff and think that creators only create for them, but some also make fun of creators or say that they make crap… even though they probably couldn’t do it any better.
I miss constructive feedback. A lot of people don’t give feedback at all, many download and never thank or leave a comment, that’s sad for a person who really takes time to create stuff – not getting any feedback. I have over 600 downloads on one of my most popular creations, and only five people bothered to leave a comment!

But what’s even more disappointing is bad feedback. “This sucks” just won’t help anyone. To say “wow, great work, love this and that, but it could be even better if you change this and that” would be constructive but nicely written and much more helpful to the creator!

Creators often spend many hours on a contribution. You click a download button and then leave. Take two minutes to post a comment and at least say thanks. It means a lot to the creators!

I think what  the community needs is more appreciation J

Also, please look at the policy of creators. I just recently had my policies heavily violated through Russian sites who shamelessly stole my creations, and I’m not alone with this. You can help! If you see such a site you can inform the creators that their stuff is uploaded there against their policies (you could also inform mysims3blog, there it can be made public).

I know that this doesn’t apply to everyone and my intention is not to lecture or to offend people who already do these things. I just wanted to explain why these things are important J

Thank you for reading!

Love, Simlicious

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sims 3 International Creative Assembly

Hello all. My name is Marie Antoinette, but you can just call me Marie. I have called this meeting together to discuss the state of the Sims 3 Community. As some of you know, the community has been in somewhat of a decline. Our little community has grown tremendously in the mast four years, but, in my opinion, not for the better. We have so many things to discuss as we head into the summer, so by the release of Supernatural we will have a renewed strength for the community.

Now for the details: This open discussion is available for use from anyone. This means that no matter who you are, you will be able to share your ideas with the Sims 3 Community. We would like to know what you think, as your opinion is valuable. If you would like to make a "speech" for all to hear, email it to me in an email. (I will post it at the bottom of this.) I will then share it on this blog. I will fully credit you. Then, anyone willing to comment or debate your idea can do so in the comments section.If you would like to officially join, please let me know in any way, so then I can add your name to the list of creators/members in this community. 

At this blog, there are no rules. I believe that anyone should have the opportunity to speak their mind freely, without the fear of rebuke. I do however must warn you. If someone criticizes you for something you've said, please don't feel offended if they do so politely. This is a constructive debate and meeting, and I hope all of you will choose to act wisely during this time. I have a feeling this will be a great event for the community. If you feel like you would like to participate, feel free to email me at: